Though I’ve never had a boyfriend, I already know who my dream guy is. He’s someone who can keep a conversation going and is straightforward. There will be no awkward dates. We’ll be skipping the talks about ex-flames because we both know that the past doesn’t matter. He’ll respect my decision to adopt children in the future because he understands how important it is to me.The time we’ll have known each other wouldn’t matter before marriage because at that time, we’ll be mature individuals who know exactly what they’re getting into and who have aligned visions. Most of all, we will get together only with the intention of marriage. I’m not excited to enter a relationship yet because I’m only thinking of the end-goal at this point. I, together with most the guys I know, are nowhere near ready for this and that’s okay.

Waiting is an option but so is never getting together with anyone at all. I’m writing this to reassure myself of other goals and shying away from petty worries of romance. Marriage has been on my mind lately because others around me are planning it, while I also know of so many couples who so far from it, too. Until then, let this be a guide.

Source: Digital Library