Yo Ho (A Writer’s Life For Me)

It’s amazing how everything falls into place. Two weeks ago I blogged about missing a writers’ conference at Yale University but just last Tuesday, I got my US visa approved. Booked my plane ticket. Paid my conference registration fee. Sent in some required manuscripts. Now, BOOM!

I’m flying off to New York on the 3rd of June, then later traveling to Connecticut for the conference, which runs from 7-22. Hold the phone and the job-hunts for about a month more because for two weeks, I’ll be in New Haven, living a writer’s life. It might only be for a few weeks but I’ll take whatever opportunity I can get. I’m taking up non-fiction under the tutelage of writers Luis Francia and Richard Selzer. In the second half of the conference, I’ll be tackling life stories with a workshop group headed by Lisa Page.

My dad took the liberty of listing a few notable Yale graduates, such as Bill and Hillary Clinton but I’ve discovered an article in the Business Insider listing 30 of the university’s most famous graduates, which includes Samuel Morse, Anderson Cooper, and even Meryl Streep.


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