Throwing Tantrums Doesn’t Get You to Yale

Yesterday, I asked for something amazing to happen, and true enough, it did! I was accepted into Yale University’s Summer Writers’ Conference. I applied a week before, never even dreaming I’d get in, but it seems to pay off when you give something a try. I prayed for whatever is meant to be and I thought that this it. I got the acceptance letter and everything! But lo, I hadn’t had a US visa in years. I filled out the forms and everything but when I checked the embassy website, it said that the first available interview date was on June 16, when I had to be there June 5!

I cried like a dying wildebeest, just as any other sane person would once they’ve lost that sort of opportunity (never in my years have I ever imagined my setting foot in YALE!!!). I am still bent on getting that visa and doing whatever it takes to go to this conference. If it doesn’t happen, I’m sure another equally great opportunity will come again, right?


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