The Orphaned Spirit

Most of us today are lost, but fail to recognize or admit it. Sometimes we’d like to take ourselves out an ‘adventure’ and out of our comfort zones, and this is both good and bad. I know of this one man who had everything he could ever ask for, but decided he wanted to see the world. Like the ungrateful child that he was, he asked his father for his inheritance so he could take off and leave. His father was a wise and loving man, and although it pained him to see his son leave, he granted his wishes and gave him the money. My friend left his home and squandered his riches in casinos and on girls, with his other so-called friends. Obviously, he got himself broke. He reached the point where he did not even have money for food or shelter. Having lost all sense of pride, he dragged his sorry butt back to his father, asking for forgiveness. Any of you know what happens next? His father welcomed him back with open arms! Even threw a party for him!

Now, why does this story sound oh too familiar? Because it isn’t my story. I ripped it off straight from the Bible and JC Himself. In one point or another, we all play the role of the ungrateful son. Everything we have and need now is already handed to us by the Big Man. What do we do with it? We take it for granted, leave Him estranged and get ourselves in a whole lot of trouble. Sooner or later that desperation will hit us. It may be gradual or may hit us hard, but when it does, the only answer is to come crawling back to God. Yesterday I learned in Sunday service that we are all orphaned spirits once we’ve parted ways with God and that’s when we’re most vulnerable to the tortures of the world and the stupidity of ourselves. 

But, Hannah, you said that seeking these adventures could become a good thing? Yes, it can because once we’ve experienced the harshness of the world, it’ll just make us weaker and stronger at the same time. Naturally, we’re as weak as a newborn lamb, but we realize we’re strong once we acknowledge Our Father and denounce our own selfish will. 

Feeling lost or alone? Look to Him for guidance. You’re never truly alone and you’ll eventually find your way.


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