Media Trumps Human Purpose: A Map to Contentment

Admit it, you’ve caught yourself at least once in your life harbouring jealousy towards someone prettier, taller or wealthier than yourself. We, too, want to achieve that excellent physique, pearly white vinyls, non-frizz glossy hair and the ability to max out our credit cards with no worries of any debt, not to mention the other several you keep with you at all times. The cause of development of the green-eyed monster? The media. The glorifying creator of all things “perfect” in this human world. We put up on a pedestal the traits they favor because we think possessing these will give us better lives.

Another common belief is that acquiring beauty, fame, and fortune would bring us much praise and would make our lives complete, but I tell you this: these things will suck you and your humanity dry, spit you out, and leave you empty. Leave it to me to tell you that once you’ve gotten everything you’ve ever wanted through the most questionable and time-consuming means, you will never stop wanting more. A vicious cycle ensues after, and you begin to tire of everything you’ve ever wanted and will never be content nor happy. This is never living. Life is not about the quantity of your achievements and the despicable capability to flaunt it to other people’s faces; it’s about living simply and pursuing the wellness of others. My university education has taught me the most valuable lesson one could ever learn in this life, and that is we are in this world, not for ourselves, but for others. Your outward appearance or sum of money won’t amount to anything in about 80 years of walking this planet. What matters most transcends the earth as we know it, and this is the legacy you leave behind that lives on in the lives and hearts of others. This feat may be done through our little daily acts of kindness partnered with undying optimism and faith as hard as the hardest of rocks. Touching lives may sound corny, but it is what counts most in life because not only did you live for yourself, but you’ve managed to extend your life through the quality goodness you’ve shared with others. After accomplishing this moral task, I assure you, you will never hunger or thirst for those worldly temptations again.


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