Bizarre Euro Haul

Bizarre Euro Haul

My parents just got back from a month-long vacation in Europe, where they went on two (yes, two!) cruises. In true Filipino fashion, they brought home our pasalubong, the Filipino counterpart of the French souvenir, and boy did they deliver!

Amongst numerous pairs of boots, jewellery, and some mementos, stood out three items that caught my attention. These might be common in European countries but in the Philippines, they would naturally give one the heebie-jeebies. The first among the lot is an authentic rabbit fur purse for me, which I would like to think could double as the British bearskin caps that the royal guards don. My mom also purchased a pair of fur-detailed boots to go with the bag. Flo Rida would be pleased. The second object is a nutcracker, which I found nifty, although used solely for design purposes and cannot actually crack open those tough nut shells (boo!). The last is a porcelain Russian doll, which I imagine they picked up somewhere along the Alexander Palace, home to the legendary Romanov tsar and his family. They mentioned visiting the place, but of course their purchase of it here is my pure interpolation. A pop culture reference has taught us to fear these mystic dolls, as the Annabelle phenomenon in the horror movie The Conjuring has got us all cowering and shivering beneath sheets from an imagined possession.

Anyway, I have yet to blog about my amazing Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 stint! Hoping to find the time and energy to do so soon.

“I was within a…

“I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby)

When I first heard this line, I knew exactly what it meant. Although months have passed since I last watched the film (I regret to admit I’ve never read the actual book), I was reminded of it just this second. Never has it been so applicable to me. Life sucks us into a whirlwind of sheer and utter happiness, dreadful and searing pain, and the confusion that consumes us from these alternating emotions. Being within is something we experience most times. We’re within when our friends come give us a ring to tell us about how their date went. We’re within when we ‘accidentally’ eavesdrop on a conversation on the tube going home. We’re within when we attend Sunday sermons at church. Being within is being alive.

Being without, on the other hand, suggests that we aren’t living. We share experiences with others, but they aren’t our own. Before drama took over my life, I was just a passerby, living in the moments of others. Drama isn’t necessary but it does help put you in the loop.